(Kids love ’em too ❣️ because frankly, who doesn’t?)

Kiddo-approved ✅

Need a way to keep your little ones entertained? Our mouthfuls of delight are just a fingertip away.

(Anytime. Anywhere. On your schedule.)

Gettin’ outdoorsy? ⛺️

Each serving of our Instant Bubble Tea is packaged separately for your convenience. And with multiple prep methods, you can whip up a nice glass of bubble tea in under a minute, using just microwave, hot water, or stove, you name it.

(Bubbly bop bop.)

Hi, I’m boba. AKA pearl 🦪⚪️

Our patent-pending FreshPak™ technology locks in the freshness and chewiness of boba (using no preservatives), so all it takes is 30 seconds of microwaving on your end.

Look at how it glistens in the light, do you now know why it’s called 珍珠 (pearl, pronounced zhēn zhū) in Mandarin?

(The tastebud trifecta 😋)

Piece of cake 🍰

Bubble tea takes your dessert to the next level. The velvety texture of the milk tea, the fluffiness of the cake, and the chewiness of the boba — the scrumptious taste is all so satisfying.

(And can you blame them?)

People are ditchin’ boba shops 🏃🏃‍♀️

⏰ Ready in 30s
(Just microwave. Easy peasy.)
Delicious, mouth-watering boba shouldn’t take 10 minutes to make. Just 20 seconds of microwaving and ready to serve.
🏆 8M Sold
(Hecking, finger-lickin’ good.)
With 8 million packs already sold, do you really need more proof how good this is? Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.
❄️ No-frigerator
(No preservatives, just tech.)
Our patent-pending technology takes away the preservatives and keeps the freshness in. The result? Chewy, tasty boba that doesn’t even need to be put in the fridge.
📦 Delivered to door
(Open your door n’ it’s there!)
Delicious, mouth-watering boba shouldn’t take 10 minutes to make. Just 20 seconds of microwaving and ready to serve.

30-Sec Instant Bubble Tea

4.8/5 (1243 reviews)

Top Highlights

  • Ready in 30 seconds, just microwave
  • Money-back guarantee*
  • Authentic Taiwanese milk tea
  • Patent-pending FreshPak™ chewy boba
  • No preservatives, no refrigeration needed
  • 1-year shelf life

Ready in less than a minute with microwave, no cooking required. Whether it’s a gloomy Monday morning or a sunny California afternoon, a glass of mouth-watering bubble tea always makes it better.

Allergen Information: Contains milk.

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